Remember thy Oath Pre-order

Remember thy Oath Pre-order

A hidden identity. A mysterious priest. An oath left unfulfilled. Edison, the most proper member of the Agora Society, hides a past he thought was long buried. The sudden appearance of a strange priest, however, reveals secrets that demand Edison honor an oath made...

Progress on Agora Mystery #10

I have yet to release #8 and #9, but I have a good start on the first draft of #10. This will complete the Drake story arc that first began in #3, The Peace Party Massacre. I should have the first draft finished by late August. I am planning to release the eighth...

Yesterday did not go as planned

Lions and Tigers and Bears--Oh My! (Not quite) Yesterday did not go as planned. The Jacksonville Zoo had a $5 admission sale going on. That would have been great except the entire city decided to show up. By the time we got there—we live a good hour away—not only were...

Clay’s Kickstarter Campaign: It’s ALIVE~!

Clay’s Kickstarter Campaign: It’s ALIVE~!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1463184979/the-agora-letters-historical-mysteries?ref=ci75s4 Last night, for our Kickstarter launch, we held a small pizza launch party for local friends and family. It was a blast--I REALLY wish my house and wallet were big enough...

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