Yesterday did not go as planned

Lions and Tigers and Bears--Oh My! (Not quite) Yesterday did not go as planned. The Jacksonville Zoo had a $5 admission sale going on. That would have been great except the entire city decided to show up. By the time we got there—we live a good hour away—not only were...

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Clay’s Kickstarter Campaign: It’s ALIVE~!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1463184979/the-agora-letters-historical-mysteries?ref=ci75s4 Last night, for our Kickstarter launch, we held a small pizza launch party for local friends and family. It was a blast--I REALLY wish my house and wallet were big enough...

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The Aliens of the Wild West–a Totally Free Short Story

The Aliens of the Wild West  The Boss and Jimmy are inseparable, but it wasn't always like that. A mere ten years prior, the two were on opposite sides in the great Civil War that ravaged the land and tore friends and families apart. Their like-personalities and...

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How to View Kindle Highlights Online

I just spent a few minutes banging my head while going through my Kindle account on Amazon. I was looking for my notes and highlights. I had remembered it being much easier last time. Sure enough, it is, but you can't get to it through Amazon.com. Instead, log into...

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Major Update to Two Tocks before Midnight

I just finished a major revision of Two Tocks before Midnight with major help from Kerry Donovan. The story line did not change, but the little things were, I believe, made much bigger. If you haven't read it yet, please download it and then reply to this email with...

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Mr. Lazar’s Twelfth Mystery Murder on the Brewster Flats

My good friend, Aaron Paul Lazar, is moments away from releasing his twelfth (12!) Gus LeGarde mystery. If you like smooth writing that takes you places, enjoy smelling the roses, or revel in the experience that only a quiet mystery can give, give it a shot. Although...

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