The Aliens of the Wild West–a Totally Free Short Story

The Aliens of the Wild West  The Boss and Jimmy are inseparable, but it wasn't always like that. A mere ten years prior, the two were on opposite sides in the great Civil War that ravaged the land and tore friends and families apart. Their like-personalities and...

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How to View Kindle Highlights Online

I just spent a few minutes banging my head while going through my Kindle account on Amazon. I was looking for my notes and highlights. I had remembered it being much easier last time. Sure enough, it is, but you can't get to it through Amazon.com. Instead, log into...

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Our Cat, Sakura, and the Occasional Belly Rub

The cat floating in space* to the left is our cat, Sakura. She occasionally positions herself as if she wants a belly rub, and then is offended when I actually give her one. *Okay, she's not really in space. You can tell it was Photoshopped since she isn't wearing a...

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