Last night, for our Kickstarter launch, we held a small pizza launch party for local friends and family. It was a blast–I REALLY wish my house and wallet were big enough to fly each and every one of you down!

Guests were greeted with police tape, suspicious looking footprints the size of hobbit’s feet, and a chalked body on the floor.

Good times.

Please take a moment and check it out. 

Kickstarter is a way for an author (me) to raise money before launching a book. Think of it as a pre-order, but a pre-order with deep discounts for you and upfront money for me to do a professional job sooner rather than later.

I have spent many, many hours working on the campaign page. Even if you can’t contribute monetarily, would you do me a HUGE favor and check it out and then promote it on social media?

But if you can support me—SUPER HUGEST thank you! (Don’t worry. My editor won’t allow me to botch the English language like that in a real book.)—please also check out the reward levels. Lots of goodies there.

Click here to view the campaign.