I received a question from a reader about The Temporal:

As far as what I am curious about: The Temporal family. Catherine, Ian, Maro, etc – I’d like to know more about all of them and their gifts. ¬†What “force” determined that each of them would have a gift? And their particular gift? Is it hereditary?

Thank you–I really appreciate your time and thoughts and for your review on Amazon!

I think Catherine will become a kind of oracle or early warning radar system. The third book will have the good Temporal in retreat from the bad guys. Arthimas is now impersonating the president. Sam realizes he has a role to play in the future and it isn’t a good role. But I haven’t decided on whether the prophecy is a prophecy or something in Arthimas’ head. I’ve only dropped hints so I think I can continue to mold that in the next book.
I haven’t thought much about the metaphysics behind the powers. I came up with the idea while studying Christian apologetics. If time had a beginning, it must have been created/started by something outside itself, meaning something eternal. What if, I wondered, eternity and time crossed paths somehow? I wondered if deja vu–something apparently most people have experienced–was an effect of that. Then I thought about strong vampires and their agelessness. What other powers would come out of a collision of eternity and the temporal? I’m not sure if I will have a directing power behind the giving of the powers, but I may. It could be an angelic war, for example.

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