The author’s life can be a lonely life, but in this digital age, it is easy to find other lonely scribes. Here are a few writers I’ve been working with. They all have free books to offer. Take a look!

Author: Aaron Paul Lazar | Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Romance
Two years ago, Portia Lamont disappeared from a small town in Vermont, devastating her parents and sister, who spent every waking hour searching for her. When she suddenly shows up on their horse farm in a stolen truck with a little mutt on her lap, they want to know what happened. Was she taken? Or did she run away?
2015 Finalist Readers’ Favorites Awards
2015 Semi-finalist in Kindle Book Review Awards


Author: Shonah Stevens | Genre: Mystery
Shonah Stevens is the Author of Sunday’s Child and the Jayne Belmont Complete set of 4 Mystery novels. Get your free copy of the set of 4 novels.
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Author: Roslyn L. Ashford | Genre: Christian/Inspirational
New Year Resolutions have a very limited-time warranty. Most resolution makers fizzle out around January 17th, the official Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day. Words of life count for…life. Offering more than just five easy steps to say farewell to tradition, Dr. Roslyn Ashford wants to spiritually grow you to make the most of your next season with thirty powerful declarations.
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Author: Melinda Kucsera | Genre: Fantasy

Warning: this book will make your pulse race.
Epic fantasy meets murder mystery in this heart-melting tale. Join Sarn as he works to unravel a deadly chain of events his masters don’t want probed before time runs out for him and his son. Get a taste of the action, click HERE.

Author: Zara Altair | Genre: Historical Mystery
Zara Altair is the creator of the Argolicus Mysteries. Enter the world of ancient Italy, the puzzle of politics, and the mystery of murder.


Author: S J Crabb | Genre: Romantic Suspense
One woman and three men all with their own agendas. Which one can she trust and what is their connection? Past, present and future all collide in this Romantic Trilogy and their lives will never be the same again. Read the whole saga which is FREE to download at:


Author: Andrew Cunningham | Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Post-Apocalyptic SF
Andrew Cunningham is the author of the “Lies” Mystery Series (ALL LIES and FATAL LIES), the Post-Apocalyptic Eden Rising Trilogy (EDEN RISING, EDEN LOST, and EDEN’S LEGACY), the terrorist/disaster thriller DEADLY SHORE, and the Amazon bestselling thriller WISDOM SPRING.
Recipient of the indiePENdents.org SEAL OF GOOD WRITING AWARD

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Author: Joni Green | Genre:
On the lavish estate of mogul Bernard Leigh, there lurks a secret. It is the Roaring Twenties. Leigh House, once a lavish, private home, is now a sanitarium for the wealthy. Florian Valentine Flix, a veteran of the WW1, has signed himself in by feigning illness. But why? A murderer is on the loose, Flix and Detective Phalen Archer must try to catch the killer before he strikes again!

Author: Taylor Marsh | Genre: Modern Romance
Who is Alex Gantry? She’s the heroine in my arousing modern romance, Below the Beltway, The Beltway Series Book 1. Get a FREE introduction. Only for people who see women as equal in ALL things. Book 2 & 3, out in 2017.

Author: Wendy Scott | Genre: Children’s
Mischief and magic. Tinkers and fairies. Do you believe in magic? A bedtime tale to delight younger readers or those still young at heart.

Author: Amber Belmont | Genre: Paranormal Romance
Come into the world of Love Laid Bear, where sexy shifters wait to seduce you! "Heart Laid Bear" gives you a little taste of what’s in store when you enter the realm of the bear…

Author: MJ Masucci | Genre: Contemporary Romance
MJ Masucci is the Author of THE HEAT SERIES (SPARK BOOK 1). The second book (IGNITE BOOK 2) and third book (BURN BOOK 3) will be released in early 2017. Get your free copy of FIRST SPARK, The Companion Guide and learn more about the exciting characters of THE HEAT SERIES.