The Curse of the Mad Sheik

Reader’s Review

” In the tradition of the previous books in the Agora Mystery series, this story is a marvelous Sherlockian-style tale, full of clever twists and saturated with colorful scenes. I must say, as much as I loved the previous three tales, this story was my absolute favorite! Surprise twists abound and readers won’t be able to put this one down! ”

Format: Kindle

The Curse of the Mad Sheik: A 19th Century Historical Murder Mystery (The Agora Mystery Series Book 4)

“There it was again. A moment, a flash, something indescribable and so quickly discarded that one would feel obliged to disbelieve one’s own eyes had it not become inescapable by multiple repetition in my presence.”


In the style of Arthur Conan Doyle, Clay Boutwell brings back the Agora Society and its premiere scholar, Carl Brooke. This is the fourth novella in the Agora Series.

Each mystery novella (from 10,000 to 25,000 words) can be read in one or two sittings and are stand alone stories.

Carl Brooke and the Agora society’s crime-solving escapades continue with additional stories. If you would like to read them all, please search for “THE AGORA LETTERS” for five stories for the price of three.

The books in order:
1) Two Tocks before Midnight
2) The Penitent Thief
3) The Peace Party Massacre
4) The Curse of the Mad Sheik
5) The Captain’s Play
6) Murder by Monday
7) Eggs over Arsenic
8) Honor thy Oath (coming soon)

Format: Kindle