Lazer & Shlomo: The Ghost Dogs of Hewbred County

Reader’s Review

” This was an amazing book tailored just right for the family.It is hard as a parent to find something to read to your children that you like as well, but this book was fun for me, and my kids loved it too! It has the perfect mix of Biblical principle, suited just for young kids and hey, an adult can learn from this too. This book took me back to the old Garfield/Peanuts comic days because to me, it was just as fun and practical to read. Great job Clay! ”

Format: Kindle, Paperback

Lazer & Shlomo: The Ghost Dogs of Hewbred County (Messianic Mysteries Book 1)

Meet Lazer, a boy with an artificial intelligence pal called Shlomo. Together, they unravel the mystery surrounding the Ghost Dogs of Hewbred County!

Written from a Christian / Messianic Jewish viewpoint and primarily for ages 9-14, this short mystery is a fun, family friendly adventure sure to please young readers (or even younger listeners)!

Let’s hear from Lazer himself! Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?

Well, I’ve pretty much single-handedly wiped out crime in Hewbred County.

[BEEP] Okay, Eliezer, that’s going too far. May I remind you of Exodus 20:16—Thou shalt not bear false witness. Don’t lie!

Shlomo, I’m trying to introduce myself here. If you don’t stop interrupting, I’ll turn you off.

[BEEP] That’s fine, but a millisecond before you do, I will upload incriminating photos of you from the last Purim party.

Shlomo… I, uh, I really enjoy your company. I wouldn’t think of shutting you off.


And, folks, that was Lazer with… umm… some commentary by his artificially intelligent friend, Shlomo. Check out his, er, their first book to learn more about Lazer and Shlomo and how they unraveled the mystery of the Ghost Dogs of Hewbred county!

Format: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook