Japanese Dialogues at the RestaurantFinally, a fun and easy way to learn REAL conversational Japanese! This was created for upper beginners of Japanese. Due to the natural speed of the conversations, those brand new to Japanese may find it challenging.

This is a standalone product. You don’t need anything written to review before, during, or after listening to At the Restaurant. However, we do sell the ebook companion with more grammatical explanations, all vocabulary, and all the dialogues from this audiobook.

Each of the eight dialogues are broken down into four tracks each:

First, the dialogue is presented naturally and all in Japanese. This may be too fast for you at first, but try listening to it a few times to attune your ears.

The second track has the dialogue again but the English meaning is spoken right after each line of Japanese.

The third track covers the vocabulary found in the dialogue. Every word is defined with the English meaning spoken after each Japanese phrase.

The fourth track has the dialogue again but leaves space for repetition. Try to mimic the Japanese speakers in sound and presentation.


  • Dialogue 1: Making Reservations
  • Dialogue 2: Getting a Table for a Friend
  • Dialogue 3: Meeting Sally Late
  • Dialogue 4: Ordering
  • Dialogue 5: Waiting for Food
  • Dialogue 6: Udon
  • Dialogue 7: New Year and Soba
  • Dialogue 8: At a Donut Shop


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