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Many teachers recommend learning hiragana as a first step toward Japanese proficiency. Using mnemonics, illustrations, quizzes, and games, this book will guide you through the basics of Japanese and teach you hiragana painlessly.

You can learn hiragana in less than two weeks using this book if you can set aside a few minutes a day to study.

  • Helpful Mnemonics
  • Fully Illustrated
  • Covers all forty-six main characters plus all the variations
  • History and helpful hints throughout
  • Writing Practice Sheets
  • Download more PDF practice sheets and the sound files of all hiragana for free.

Some comments from real students using our learn hiragana method:

  • I CAN READ AND WRITE REAL JAPANESE…. I can’t believe it I can’t believe it I can’t believe it… A BIG THANK YOU!
  • After the first 7/8 lessons the rest just fell into place and with your help I learned all of these in just a few hours over 3 days.
  • I know it felt so cool to me to be able to read actual Japanese when I was first learning the kana. 😀 And the more you practice, the faster you get.

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