Beginning ConversationsFinally, a fun and easy way to learn REAL conversational Japanese! (And get FREE MP3s of all the dialogues too!)

Learn Japanese vocabulary in context, improve your listening comprehension, and learn how to talk to others in Japanese.

This was written for beginners of Japanese.

We are including, at no extra charge, MP3s for the seven dialogues found in this book. Create play-lists to study on the go or burn the sound files to a CD to listen at home. The download link is found on the last page.

The dialogues found in this ebook are all about context and how Japanese is actually used while at a restaurant. The MP3s are all recorded by native voice actors and actresses.

The dialogues found in this book are all about context and how Japanese is actually used with friends casually and when peppered with politeness among new acquaintances.

While you do not have to know hiragana before using this ebook (romaji is provided), we highly recommend it. If you do not yet know hiragana, please check out our Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese ebook: http://www.amazon.com/Hiragana-Basics-Japanese-ebook/dp/B003YJEQVS

Please download the sound files (link found on the last page). We hope this ebook by itself will be helpful, but the sound files–in our opinion–give it most of its value.

1Dialogue One: Jane introduces Herself to a Coworker
2Dialogue Two: Jane meets her New Boss
3Dialogue Three: Jane introduces Herself
4Dialogue Four: Jane meets her Neighbor
5Dialogue Five: Jane has a Headache
6Dialogue Six: Jane and Neighbor Tanaka
7Dialogue Seven: Eating Out


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