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BOOK TWO in The Temporal series:

After stopping a terrorist plot to position a murderer as president, Sam Williams must come to grips with his newfound abilities. As one of the Temporal, his encounters with eternity give him both gifts and challenges to overcome as a new threat emerges that could wipe out the Temporal for all time.

With Suteko and Marcus, they work to bring all the world’s Temporal together as an effective defense against Kaileen and her Nephloc warriors.

But among the Temporal there is division and a longstanding hostility which gives an opening for the enemy…

Book Two, A Temporal Trust, is available in paperback and eBook formats.
Book Three is in the works!



The first book can be neatly broken into two distinct parts. The first half of the book is about getting to know Suteko and the second half is about Kaileen messing with things. A Temporal Trust continues the Kaileen messing with things theme throughout the book.

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