IT IS LATE OCTOBER 1889. Carl Brooke, a scholar of an ancient Near Eastern languages, spends his twilight years chronicling his past adventures as a leading member or the Agora Society, a group dedicated to the betterment of man.

Do you love a mystery? Does murder, mayhem, and the gentleman detective light your fire? The Agora Letters are smart and savvy mysteries to keep you guessing all the way to the story's conclusion.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot will LOVE Carl Brooke and his Agora Society in these ten unique and very different cases. 

Murder, theft, abductions, mistaken identities---it's all there.

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I currently have two volumes, each with five complete mysteries. Volume three should be available soon.

Want a sample of my style? Here is a short story I wrote called "The Handkerchief." It is really short, but it is a story!

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Clay published his first book (non-fiction on Japanese) in 2001. "That was a lot of work," he thought , but for some reason, he kept writing. In 2010, he started writing fiction. "This is really a lot of work," he thought again and yet he kept writing. It's a stubbornness only a mule  could admire. Today, he has written over two dozen books ranging from educational Japanese lessons to cozy mysteries.

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